Williams & Hamilton Design, Detroit, MI

Artist Statement

A dwelling for fellowship, reflection and rest is a much needed place for a city that hustles the hardest. Much like the Israelites the people of Detroit have been hit with many hardships. The sukkah is a place to find shelter in the arms of God. It reflects His favor and protection en route to the promised land. We are well on our way to a new vibrant city and the (Detroit Sukkah City) project is symbolizes a temporary relief.

The SUKKAH combines traditional purpose and natural material with contemporary design. The peg-hole system (forming the base and roof profile) can be constructed quickly on site, with visual points of interest and openings responding to prominent landscape, entry-ways, and skyline. These openings will act as a welcoming to all. Significant Jewish numerology establish the proportions of the Sukkah’s square footage. The roof is projected out in order to provide shade and provide an overhang for natural material, made of vines or tendrils, providing an outdoor space adjacent to the entry.