Pavi Designs, Chennai, India

Artist Statement

The sukkah is an age old tradition signifying how the Jews departed their lives as slaves to Egypt. In our everyday life we are slaves to our own egoistic selves. The visit to this festive place should take them away from the mechanical life into more altruistic place that embraces congregation. In this contemporary age of growing urbanism, we people find little time to look at our roots. Most often a creative thought bears more meaning when it not only addresses the needs of the present but also has its roots from the past. And thus, creating an experience that takes them to a place where people value social, cultural and traditional principles of humanity. But the perfect connect is formed while contemplating the past with the present context. Translating all this will require maximizing space utility with enough to address the traditional needs and symbolizing both the agricultural festival and the experience of the exodus in an urban environment.