Moones Mirbeygi, Tehran, Iran

Artist Statement

Religious festivals provide people with an opportunity to gather under the common beliefs they share. We believe sukkah is also meant to be a place for solitude and a personal journey through the festival. To express our belief, we wanted to design a sukkah that is a container of the faith that opens its arm to welcome everyone who visits.

The form of the installation is naturally closing off and separates the inside from the outside; thus provides the sense of security and embracement.

The cut on the exterior shell give the audience a small peak of the inside, and trigger their imagination. The entrance and the main rest area are separated; yet the whole installation poses a smooth transition from the outside world to the inside.

On the contrary of the closed nature of the walls, the roof is open to sky so that the audience of the installation could feel the connection to the sky at peace.

The surrounding wooden structure, the schach hanging from the roof, and the descending of sunlight from the slit were all together designed to bring the impression of being wrapped by nature.