LB, Ann Arbor, MI

Artist Statement

This sukkah celebrates the Sukkot with an odd, fuzzy space. The sukkah is both public and private, open and closed, an uncanny presentation of curated nature.

This fuzzy temple provides a comforting refuge for those enter. From afar, thin strips of vegetation line the sukkah’s exterior columns to form a leafy corduroy finish. Inside, sunlight reflects into the space, bouncing across mirrored cracks in the walls of lush vegetation. One can enjoy a meal inside and feel a breeze drift through the pinstripes of light which illuminate the lush vegetation of the interior.

The sechach is laid across the tops of the pillars which compose the four walls. The structure of this roof covering is composed of a traditional mat of bamboo and straw. The visual effect of the sechach is dominated by the palm fronds, hung vertically from the structure. Below, the hanging vegetation provides layers of depth to further accentuate the lush enclosure.