Andrius Ribikauskas, London, Britain, UK

Artist Statement

This Sukkah emphasizes the roots of life. It consists of five main elements: 1. Base - the earth; 2. Roof - the sky (universe), 3. Tree - life, 4. Silk curtain - people; 5. Columns - distractions that we find everyday in our lives.

Translucent and floating curtain faced connects inside and the outside by inviting people inside. Because of its round shape, people are able to access sukkah from all the sides. Once people are inside, in the middle of the sukkah they can see a tree which represent The Tree of Life. While people are walking inside between thin columns they can experience light coming through the opening in the roof and light, transparent and floating curtain facade. It gives feeling of being inside and outside at the same time.

Use of natural materials: such as wood, palmleaves/phragmites and rope, also allows for a quick assembly and disassembly on site. The tree that is standing in the middle is a heart of the sukkah, which is also representing 1300 urban farms in Detroit. After the festival tree should be kept in the square or relocated to a different part of the city where it could live its long life.