Gamma Architects, Ruth Massias Greenberg, Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Artist Statement

On Sukkot we exit our solid, sturdy homes and opt for a flimsy, temporary shelter. We step away from all our materialistic home comforts and remind ourselves of how vulnerable we really are. It is a time we celebrate our faith in G-d. In a season when the wind starts to howl and the autumn leaves start to fall, sitting in a sukkah can sometimes be a test in resilience and faith, but we embrace that with positivity and fun.

The Wind-Swept Sukkah is a celebration of all this. The timber framed sukkah, lined with bamboo internally tilts as if the wind had swept it sideways. The external frame accentuates the tilt. Plates and crockery, hanging from the ceiling using fish wire, look as if they are flying off too – which sometimes happen in real life in a sukkah. The set sideways tilt makes it all feel a little wonky and different and it is difference which makes us ask questions on who and what we are and what we are doing.