Gamma Architects, Marta Garcia Navarro, Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Artist Statement

The design of this sukkah is inspired in the organic shapes of the Nature. As part of the nature we find the cocoon, which works as a temporary “house” that protect for a short period of time as is the purpose of sukkah.
As a cocoon this sukkah tried to be camouflaged with the nature, respecting and bringing the best of it. In this way this SUKACOON becomes the best temporary shelter where you can spend the time enjoying the indirect lighting and the microclimate generated by the wooden grid structure and the vegetation that covers it.

This vegetation only covers the structure partially as the other parts will give the perfect view to the sky and surround to provide natural lighting and ventilation.
The benefits of this partially open organic structure gives the community the opportunity of not just interact with who is inside the shelter but also to who is outside.

As a cocoon, the sukkah will be a transience element which goal will be to give the occupants the best stay meanwhile it’s used.
This organic triangular grid shape will also give the opportunity to use the structure as shelters to storage food and elements that need to be use during the festival, including the possibility to hang hammocks that can be use to rest or to storage utensils and vegetable or fruits.
Is there any best way to celebrate the festival that being inside a temporary element from the Nature?