Manal Shoukair, Detroit, MI

Artist Statement

Crafted with ephemeral material of translucent fabric and wood, the Sukkah will rise to 10' high and there will be two outer walls surrounding: the most outer wall at 3' and the center wall at 5'. Slits in the fabric on each wall will act as a pathway to the core of the Sukkah. A semblance to the shape of an ancient ziggurat would be closet to the form. The frame of the structure will be constructed with wood with translucent fabric stretched over its skeleton.

Upon entering the space the audience will either consciously or subconsciously be aware of their bodily actions. Three stages of finding the core of the Sukkah will be the participants journey. First, the body becomes grounded by way of kneeling to fit through the first pathway on the outer wall. Following is the second pathway, another opening that leads to a more comfortable upward stance--a continuation of bodily awareness. Finally, entering the core of the Sukkah, the participant(s) will be standing upright with full headroom. Regardless of the participant(s) posture through the space, the fabric depicts and is activated through their movement and silhouette. This Sukkah will be a highly interactive space that can alter one's spiritual perception of mind, body, and space through even a choice in movement.