Matteo Fontana, San Pietro in Gu, Italy

Artist Statement

Representing a community in a public space is always a double-edged weapon. It's necessary to express an idea thru symbols and shapes but it's also important not to invade in a violent way the public asset with political and religious symbols. There is one thing that is over everything and is the beauty of nature, the beauty of materials, the beauty of light.

An interesting thing about graphic patterns is that everybody can see several different aggregations of shapes. It involves the people in imagining and shaping the object in their own ways. A matrix just gives the input for an idea, the rest is about the interactions.

But since architecture is not only the process of exchange between building and people but also between building and context, the tall shape and the continuous facade aim to simulate the tall buildings of the surroundings, locking this sukkah in an urban context.

A home is shade but it's also light. This small architecture takes all the advantages of the natural light during the day thanks to the translucent fabric membrane. During night-time, the sukkah becomes a lantern, becoming a landmark and an interaction point during all the 24 hours of the day.