Karun Chughasrani, Lexington, MA

Artist Statement

An intimate gathering space, a place for thought, a place to reflect. A space, where heart, mind and body are all connected, reinforcing the idea of community and togetherness.

A cross sectional cut establishing a connection between ground, sky and the earth; to create a space of familiarity both within the context and beyond.

In some sense we all belong to this one universal ‘place’ and have always had since time immemorial. The same mud you stand on is now on top of your head. The process of lifting Earth makes the ‘place’ tangible by allowing us to physically inhabit this thought.

The form explores the idea of scaffolding, not just as mere physical supports, rather as an idea of a manifold, such that the structure is communicative of the process of building and therefore becoming.

It is a constructive space, and by that very nature, it is then a creative space.

// Bamboo is a robust and agile material, more importantly, it is transformative, in the sense that it allows us to be. You may be looking at bamboo but you may experience everything but the bamboo.

// Wattle and daub is an age old technique of construction, reiterated to take us back to our roots in contemporary urban environments.