Hermann Kamte, Yaounde, Cameroon

Artist Statement

The Sukkah is a temporary shelter celebrating the harvest and commemorating the exodus from Egypt while The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism, of religion, and of the Jewish people as a whole. The history of the Jewish people is full of colors; today this sukkah aims to celebrate through the colors these great epics.

“The Shield Of Celebration” is a temporary giant Sukkah structure that highlights the Jewish People across the world. The form of our sukkah is inspired by the Star of David; it is a spatial multiplication of it. The frame is made of metal tube while the walls are delimited by a semi-transparent Teflon membrane/fabric. The design is organized on the ground by triangular wooden seats. It can accommodate 10 people. The fabric is transparent enough to be inclusive, yet dense enough to create a sense of place, and shelter for the community. A bamboo mat will be used as s'chach.

This design is based on the triangle shape known as "a Non-Sukkah" to create a “Sukkah”. The triangular base volume is transformed by rotation, duplication and symmetry to obtain an apparent disorder. Outside, the structure looks very colorful while inside there is a colorful harmony. The final design reproduces a succession of stars whatever the position of the observer, this scheme allows to celebrate the community lifestyle, the Sukkot. With poetry of Philosophy, each star formed by the structure can celebrates itself an achievement, a resource of the nature, a grace of God.

Since several millennia, this community has retained His greatness.