Gamma Architects, Paul Passano, Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Artist Statement

The world renowned 'Shuk' is emblematic of a fruitful harvest being shared and enjoyed by generations. Our Shuk-Kah is both a metaphorical and physical celebration of the act of gathering (Chag Ha-asif) and sharing; food, company, faith, love...

Recycled plastic vegetable crates form the primary construction material and furniture. The crates are characteristic of food markets around the world, designed to withstand the arduous transportation process while stacking to form temporary displays in market stalls.

The Shuk-kah commemorates the transient history of the Jewish people. The envelope itself is also transient in nature, changing form and reflecting the activities inside. Crates forming a table and chairs during the day are then stacked against openings to create a more private dwelling space.

Constructing and dismantling The Shuk-kah would be extremely quick and simple, taking advantage of the crates’ inherent structural properties. Friends and family can partake in stacking and binding the crates. The lower row is filled with sang bags to form a sturdy foundation while openings are supported by timber lintels wedged between the crate handles. The roof canopy, made from dried bamboo shoots emphasizes the slightly askew walls, creating gaps through which to see the stars. Low emission led lights illuminate the structure from within, woven between the crates to create an extremely contemporary look while reminiscent of the glowing temporary shelters of the past.


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