Donut Shop Design, Detroit, MI

Artist Statement

Donut Shop is a design studio based in Detroit, MI owned and operated by Ian Klipa, and Jake Saphier. Our shop imagines and creates custom furniture and architectural features of wood and metal for a variety of clients in the Detroit Metro area. With a focus on craft, materiality, and straightforward design our pieces are familiar yet exciting and fresh.

Our submission for Sukkah x Detroit has many elements familiar to our work. Utilizing clean lines and intersections, the structure is innately unnatural while juxtaposed with raw organic elements.

The cut out on the ceiling is mirrored in the square of grass directly beneath it, suggesting an upward motion towards the sky as well as a conversation between the different surfaces. The open walls invite visitors in and promote transparency. Inside, selected panels will be filled with frosted poly carbonate, this will diffuse the sharp daylight into a soft glow and create a calming effect similar to that of the s'chach's. The floors will be river rock, organic and lose, in stark contrast to the clean purposeful lines of the structure.

Our design is open, yet clearly defined and will serve as a refuge in the busy city scape. As designers we, love to see people interact with our work, and would be honored to create a site specific piece in Detroit. Growing up, Jake always enjoyed setting up the sukkah with his family. We are excited to utilize our design abilities to share this experience with others.