DesignTeam Plus, LLC, Birmingham, MI

Artist Statement

This sukkah creates an inclusive gathering space for the celebration of Sukkot with an emphasis on sustainability, agriculture, and cultural collaboration. The natural materials taken from the earth will be donated/re-purposed back to the earth. The sixty-two straw bales will be donated to local farms. The wood slats and structural elements will continue their life-cycle, as these materials will be donated to a local synagogue or Jewish organization. The donation of these materials will serve as an educational model reinforcing sustainability, Jewish customs, and heeding of Jewish leaders. The total slats equals eighteen; this number in Jewish tradition represents "life". Moreover, the cedar slats will be inscribed with meaningful quotes about the holiday of Sukkot from our local rabbis.

The sukkah is designed to bring the community together in this inviting and intriguing space, which is filled with warmth from the naturally insulated straw bale construction. Each facade has a Jewish representation; the Hebrew letter "hey" is displayed in the straw bales, as well as the word "shalom" is inscribed which means: "hello, peace and goodbye". The traditional ritual elements of the lulav and etrog will also be displayed at the entryway. The remaining two walls will display the quotes from the rabbis. The roof is constructed out of the cedar wood beams, and open to the sky above with s'chach.