Ashley and Caroline, Detroit, Mi

Artist Statement

By combining iconic local architecture and images of agriculture spanning the city?s history, reap seeks to tell the story of Detroit's devotion to farming through an artistic style commonly found in places of worship. As urban farming has made a necessary resurgence amongst oppressive food deserts and latent plots of land, the stained glass-esque exterior of the dual tiered form reminds us that agriculture is the foundation of the city and continues to illuminate hope today. Just as crops have seasons, the city has endured intense cycles as well; urban farming, self-reliance, and an undying spirit has enabled Detroit to survive these changing seasons.

Reap's stylistic details are inspired by Detroit's iconic Guardian Building, including nods to the hexagonal star-shaped roof, portrayed here as The Star of David, and the classic octagonal shape of the south tower. Architect of credit, Wirt C. Rowland once said about his 1927 masterpiece that "Color has this vital power...the impression must be immediate, strong and complete." reap hopes to exude the same impression with a color palette pulled directly from the Pewabic tiles that adorn the lobby of the Guardian Building. This sukkah is outfitted with illuminated spaces for up to three people to eat and sleep comfortably while remaining shaded for the Sukkot duration. Earth needs to be tilled even when it's fertile; in a city that has again been tilled, we now celebrate the time to reap.