Of Office, Brooklyn, NY

Artist Statement

AIR SUKKAH is a temporary structure representing the urban farm culture of Detroit with conversion of primitive log structure to inflatable and versatile natural material.

AIR SUKKAH replaces primitive construction material, timber log with Air Log and Coir Log for light-weight, agile and instantaneous construction. The log shaped unit allows to utilize lashing and bundling method of traditional timber construction and which makes Sukkah as simple as it can be built easy by hands only with ropes. Therefore, the traditional rigid structure will be replaced with ‘bundled-airs’, which commemorates the temporary structures of exodus from Egypt while creating soft and playful visual interaction with public. .

The ready-made Coir Logs sit on the ground to work as structural foundation of Air Logs as well as to be used as seatings in flexible manner. Air Logs are made of inflatable tubes encapsulated in coir net that is to be stored flat and erected quickly. Tied to Coir Logs, Air Logs are bundled together to form a collective wall of Sukkah. Coir net surface of Air Log accommodates various harvested plants from local urban farms of Detroit to create S’chach, and the strips of plants on AIR SUKKAH reflects the array of unitized planters in urban farms. Detroit’s abundant urban farms and citizen’s involvement to the sustainable and healthy lifestyle will be best aligned to the spirit of Sukkah where celebrates harvest and admires the gift of nature.