Lauren Thomsen Design, Philadelphia, PA

Artist Statement

Material permanence leads us to interpret most architecture expression as static in nature - the built realization of a complete design idea. A sukkah is a temporary structure by definition, and thus an inherent challenge to traditional architectural understanding. The Seam Sukkah demonstrates the joining of both worlds as two material systems - one natural (sod) and one composite (steel) - are placed side by side and in support of one another.

This project harnesses and exhibits the tension between these two elements to evoke the familiarity and comfort associated with typical dwellings while also providing a constantly changing agricultural landscape that is fleeting, and therefore special. The Seam Sukkah invites multiple interpretations of meaning and reminds us that good design is a combination of both fact and feeling. It begs us to consider and appreciate dueling orders, different cultures, religions, and perspectives, and opens us to the dynamism latent in our built environment.