Sait Mohammad Saad, Manchester, Britain, UK

Artist Statement

The design is based on simple coherence of basic geometric shapes which collectively domenonstrates the old tradition and architectural typology.
The Sukkah outline is achieved by using tree stems, branches that are kosher, of varying diameters from 5-8 inches descend-ing towards one end The part of the circle is cut out to create an arc entrance. The entrance is made of tiny young Flax stems and Corn Stalks hanged from the roof, that creates agricultural reflectively, tra¬ditional feel and portrays a sense of temporary stay.

The fact of virtual diminishing of decreasing diameter of vertical timber posts into tiny little flax stems and stalks, represents the concept of ‘Transience’ and short disappearing life.

The roof of the sukkah is made up of bamboo straps (Kosher) in the form of a grid that represents the ‘The Star / Shield of the David’. The concept behind the design is that dur¬ing the day, the reflecting sunrays are allowed into the circular cabin in the shape of Israel Star, that address the Jewish community and programming. The simple construction logic with a regular matrix creates spectacular vis¬uals while maintaining a precise control of the communal profile. Furthermore, in the night the roof depicts bright stars out in the sky through the tiny openings commuting the sense of short stay in the sukkah and fo¬cussing on basic faith dimensions. The design also ensures the shade in the sukkah is always more than the sun rays into it.