Aspasia Balta, Copenhagen, Denmark

Artist Statement

The structure begins in the simplest of shapes and dimensions, that of a house’s door. You enter a closed and narrow environment, between wooden beams and columns that slowly expand as you continue inside. The structure itself is pulling you towards its end, giving you a glance of the destination. As you walk inside the structure frames are becoming bigger and have more space in between them. They are allowing more and more light and natural elements to enter, as well as visibility of your surroundings. This makes your experience constantly changing the more you proceed. The structure, too narrow in its start, expands so at the end you have a wide enough area to sit, eat, meet, sleep and pray next to the wall decorated with plants and flowers. From the uncertainty of the beginning you are now sure in your harvest and able to rejoice. Remembering your long and hard efforts and travels, you can now celebrate.