LEAP, Bercelona, Spain

Artist Statement

Our Sukkah design proposal parts from the concept of interconnection and how individual elements are able to produce something strong and aesthetically harmonious when connected together. Each of the individual wooden members of the structure is connected to all of the others members at a certain point, none would be able to stand by itself, and the shelter only gains its full structural integrity when all elements are connected and collaborate to support it. To us this is a powerful analogy to Sukkot.

In our proposal, the whole structure is made of material kosher for s'chach, the traditional walls are smoothed into a curved organic wooden shelter in order to emphasize a powerful relation to the sky and to enhance its natural appeal. It is covered with organic fabric in order to provide shelter but also to show the contrast of a strong structure with a fragile enclosure.

Our design proposal intends to be a modern interpretation of Jewish tradition by means of contemporary architecture and advanced design methods, where the organic form of its structure without edges is able to provide a smooth natural shelter while reminding us of our unavoidable connection to the sky.