Adam Franzel, KEN HUMBERSTONE, Breanna Scranton and travis pennock—Detroit, MI

Artist Statement

Soft Crop is a playful experience that celebrates life's small pleasures and fleeting nature through interaction and leisure. The temporary structure is assembled in place by a community to celebrate the annual Jewish festival of Sukkot. Three rigid frame walls are built with loosely defined intermediate bamboo members to create pattern variations. Pillows ranging from four feet to two inches in diameter are sewn into long tubular shapes and stuffed with cotton until plump. The pillows are woven into the simple bamboo frame to create a complex three dimensional form. Ritual weaving of the pillows results in tightly intertwined shapes which invite people of all ages and backgrounds to sit, touch, feel and otherwise interact with the supple mass. The form is complete with a S'chach roof of flat oval woven reed, creating a soft stipple of light on the interior of the Sukkah. This provides an oculus that frames views to the sky; rich dark blues at night and bright glowing light during the day. 

Soft Crop provides a plush escape from the hard surfaces of the city, within the enticing and active expanse of Capitol Park. Soft, vibrant pillows are animated by a layering of fabric mesh and opaque nylon fabric. The layering of complementary fabrics creates a color-shift experience as the individual moves around and embraces the pillows. Interaction with Soft Crop is a playful, passing experience that leaves a lasting impression of delight and wonder.