Yearly Membership


Yearly Membership

from 18.00

Membership at the Downtown Synagogue isn’t just about a financial contribution.

We are a unique and diverse congregation that takes the practice of tikkun olam (repairing the world) to heart.

Membership Level:
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When you become a member, you have the opportunity to take part in four areas of service, education, and social action.

  1. Financial Gift: We offer numerous options for membership. Click here to understand exactly what your membership dollars will help us accomplish. While we gratefully welcome financial gifts, we encourage you to reach out to our staff if our membership costs will not fit within your budget.
  2. Social Justice: Interface with our community by joining us in Eden Gardens Farms every week to help harvest our food and bridge our communities; suggest and lead thought-provoking programming around social issues, and join our larger Detroit community as we make a difference in our neighborhoods.
  3. Serve at the Synagogue: Help us cook a Shabbos meal; join one of our ten active, lay-led committees; be an usher in our sanctuary; or help with a mailing!
  4. Spiritual Growth & Participation: Commit to joining us on Thursday morning minyan to help lift and support our Jewish community including saying Kaddish for members in need; lead a Friday night or Saturday morning service or offer a d’var Torah; take a class; or join us for seminars that fit your interests.


The Downtown Synagogue sustains itself in large part by its membership fees. When you commit to membership:

At the $18 level:

  • Seeds for our growing season at Eden Gardens Farms
  • Kosher wine for a Shabbos meal
  • Keep the “Eternal Light” shining for one month

At the $72 level:

  • Saturday morning Shabbos food
  • Lunch and Learn meals for one month
  • Waste Removal at an Eden Gardens work night

At the $100 level:

  • Friday night Shabbos food
  • Challah baking workshop supplies for a dozen congregants
  • Matzo ball soup for 100 Passover Seder guests

At the $180 level:

  • Full weekend of Shabbos food
  • Membership costs for a member in need
  • Latke-making for Chanukah party

At the $275 level:

  • Five copies of our new Siddurim
  • Telecommunications (phones and internet) for one month
  • Tilling (required bi-monthly) of Eden Gardens Farms

At the $600 level:

  • Supplies and postage for one quarterly mailing
  • Torah readers for an entire month
  • Food, refreshments, and instruments for Simchat Torah

At the $1,000 level:

  • Our annual “Break Fast” after the High Holy Days
  • Synagogue electric bills for one month
  • Keeping in touch (database charges) with members for one year

At the $1,800 level:

  • Passover Seder meal for our entire congregation
  • Three months of Shabbos food
  • Outreach, membership, and promotional materials for one year

At the $2,500 level:

  • Heating bill costs for one month in the winter
  • New fixtures (stove, fridge) for our kitchen
  • Office expenses (supplies and equipment) for one year

At the $5,000 level:

  • High Holy Days space rental at Holocaust Memorial Center
  • Replace one (of two) boiler systems
  • Torah study sessions for one year